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An Exemplary Roofing Contractor in Brunswick County, NC

Your roof is too important to ignore. It keeps the punishing winds from destroying your belongings and prevents torrential downpours from entering your attic. It is the first line of defense against hailstorms, severe thunderstorms, and hurricanes. It pays to have an exemplary roofing contractor. Our Brunswick County, NC experts understand how to keep your roof in good shape and work hard to offer a convenient, affordable, and satisfactory experience. We specialize in insurance claims and offer durable and respected products. Most importantly, we believe in superior customer service and creating a fun environment. That’s why our roofers arrive with a smile – and so does our company Golden Retriever.

Largest FORTIFIED Roofing™ Contractor
in North Carolina
roof of a house

A Trustworthy FORTIFIED Roofing™ Dealer

We are committed to helping our customers with their roofs. One of the ways we do so is by offering free WOOF inspections for wind and hail damage. We are a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™ company, ensuring your satisfaction with our work. More importantly, we are committed to using the best products, including FORTIFIED Roofing™. Our association with FORTIFIED Roofing™ will guarantee total protection from high winds, hurricanes, hailstorms, severe thunderstorms, and even EF-2-rated tornados.

The Benefits of New Roofs Are Undeniable

No roofing material lasts forever. The most common type – asphalt shingles – lasts 15 to 30 years. It might be time for a new roof if you notice flaking or missing shingles. Fortunately, installing a new roof has many benefits, including increased home value, improved energy efficiency, and even better indoor air quality. Most importantly, upgrading your roof will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Once you decide to install a new roof, we can discuss which type of roofing material best suits your needs and start a new roofing project immediately.

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